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The Docket

The Official Newsletter of Alpha Phi Sigma

The Docket is the voice of Alpha Phi Sigma, the National Criminal Justice Honor Society. Every semester, members around the nation participate in writing articles for the Docket, sending in fundraising and community service information regarding their chapter which allows members to maintain themselves informed as to what is happening in Alpha Phi Sigma Around the Nation.

Information pertaining to scholarships is another benefit of the Docket. Listing of scholarships and awards, chapter and advisor grants, paper guidelines and scholarship guidelines are all published in our newsletter. This information is extremely important since there are deadlines to meet, guidelines to follow, and money to be awarded.


Full coverage of the annual conferences is another feature of the Docket.  Prior to the conferences pertinent information regarding the upcoming conference is published. These include but are not limited to guest speakers, career fair attendees, scholarships awarded, awards, chapter participation in special events, hotel accommodations, travel specifications, special dates, and outings.  The issue following the annual conference covers all scholarship and award winners, guest speakers, the career fair, events, lots of photographs of members and advisors, and other important information.


Not withstanding all the aforementioned, the Docket also serves as an informational source about Alpha Phi Sigma's National Advisory Board, and Headquarters. Contact information and Headquarter updates are featured in every Docket.


Lastly, articles that pertain to the field of Criminal Justice whether national or international are featured in every issue. 


The Docket is a cooperative effort of members, advisors, officers, and national board.


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