Fairmont State University

Fairmont State University

Adriana C. Jansen, M.S.

Emmanuel Onyeozili, Ph.D.

University of Maryland - Eastern Shore

Kristina Lopez, Ph.D.

Missouri State University University

   New Mexico State University, Las Cruces

John McLaughlin, Ph.D.

National Advisors

Secretary Katelyn Wisor

Vice-President Eyerusalem Fitta

Tamara Wilkins, Ph.D.

Regina Shearn, Ph.D.

Deanna Shields, Ph.D.

National Council

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Founded 1942

Alpha Phi Sigma

The National Criminal Justice Honor Society

Fairmont State University

University of North Florida

Ivy Yarckow-Brown, M.S.

Andrea Joseph, J.D.

Fairmont State University

University of Maryland~Eastern Shore

Treasurer Phillip Sands

President Samuel Hamilton

National Student Officers

Andrew Giacomazzi, Ph.D.